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This section is a historical listing of our products. Inclusion on these pages does not mean that the items are still in stock here or in our dealer network. Please see our In-Stock Order Form for a list of what is actually on hand in our warehouse.
Rolling Stock

Freight Cars

Browse our differet styles of rolling stock from modern intermodal to transition era cars.


Containers Part 1  |  Containers Part 2

Check out our differet styles of containers.

RoadRailer Trailers

RoadRailer Trailers

The RoadrRailer system consists of a trailer with both highway wheels and a rail bogie. We offer 3 versions of 53' RoadRailer trailers as well as Coupler Mates to connect them to the train.

America's Honor Collection

America's Honor Collection

Each car features a tribute to our military. There are three different series, Military Honors, Liberty Squadron and American Honfront.

UnitPak® Boxes

Storage Boxes for N Scale Rail Cars

We make storage boxes for freight and passenger cars. High quality electronics grade, non-degradable foam is used. The inside is 11 inches square. The DeLuxe UnitPak®, PassengerPak® and RackPak® boxes fit in standard office file boxes or milk crates for easy toting or storage. They even have spaces on the outside to list their contents.



We offer a mix of Ready-To-Place structures and kits, including plastic and laser-cut wood with cast metal parts.


Trailers and Other Vehicles

We make different versions of 53' trailers and also offer a 48' trailer. This section includes container chassis and construction equipment too.



We currently offer truck cab decals in names to match some of our trailers.


Accessories and Parts

Visit our listing of loads, scenic details and detailing parts. This section is not yet complete.

Special Runs

Special Runs

Here you can see the latest and up and coming Special Run cars plus a history section and how to get your own Special Run.

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WARNING: Our products are not intended for children under 14 years of age

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