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20 Foot ISO Containers
These small boxes are the baseline of ISO style containers. The international shipping community loads this puppy heavy, often weighing more than the larger 40 footer.
These boxes have the pleated corrugation on the sides and front (often referred to as "wrinkle sides" ) with 3-panel rear doors. A staple of the intermodal shipping business, these boxes are seen around the world
These brightly lettered refrigerated boxes have become the "billboard reefers" of the 80s and 90s. The deLuxe model features a Carrier Thinline Reefer pack in the nose.
Used exclusively for North American domestic transportation, these containers haul freight that used to move in trailers on flat cars - in containers, it's stackable, taking less space and less fuel
These containers have refrigerator units, power supplies, and fuel tanks occupying the first two feet of an otherwise standard 48 foot insulated container. If you eat prepackaged salad, you've used these guys!