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We often get asked for parts of our cars as separate items. We are happy to make those available. In fact, if there is anything that we have that you need as a part, drop us a note, and we will do our best to hook you up.

The full dimensional underframe from the DeLuxe Innovations 1944 AAR boxcar is just the thing for those building projects. Full brake gear, crossmembers and framerails are all represented in this piece. Available in a packages of 2. Item #990652 to fit the DeLuxe floor and #990662 to fit other 40' cars.

6' Boxcar Doors - These doors are thin, accurately proportioned, and available to upgrade other cars! They are styled after the late Youngstown doors, with all of the proper hardware. The back of the door features the mounting studs to make them fit the DeLuxe Lightblock door system, but they can easily be clipped off to work in other applications. Available in a package of 10. Item #990660.

We use metal where plastic will not fit with the level of detail that is needed or would break off if we could make it. Some of the parts are in stainless steel, where the parts are not to be painted (the tread of stack car walkways, for instance). Other parts are in brass. We use two different brass hardnesses- 3/4 hard and spring brass. When the part needs flexibility, and the ability to be bent back in place (boxcar stirrups for example), we use the 3/4 hard. If the part needs stiffness over a long area (boxcar roofwalks for example) we use spring brass. The selection of parts shown here can help you improve your fleet.

Part of what sets the DeLuxe boxcar away from the pack is the amount of metal that is available stock on the car. When these cars get mixed in with others, sometimes the parts need to be swapped out! These parts are super thin, and super sturdy. They are etched from spring brass. Even if they are bent, they easily bent back. The blade mount metal stirrups from the car are available in packages of 12 - enough to do 3 cars. Item #990612.

The Ajax brakewheels from the boxcar will fit many cars from transition through modern. These carry the distinctive spoke pattern that modelers are sure to recognize. They come flat, but are easily dished. They will fit any car by using a stock "plug" that can be made from the old brake wheel or strip styrene. Install a brass wire, and presto! A scale brakewheel! Parts are available in a package of 6. Item #990636.

One of the coolest parts of the DeLuxe Innovations boxcar is the topmost one. We followed the successful release of our first ever metal walkway on a plastic car (The Twinstack) with the first ever mass produced walkway on a boxcar. It must have been a good idea, because now there are several companies following suit. This roofwalk is etched metal with the look of the original Ajax treadways. It has a cut out in the platform to accommodate the grab iron. It features three level etching so that the weldments under the walkway can be clearly seen. They are available in packages of 2, item #990602, or 10, item #990610.

Modern Brakewheels - The plastic Universal style brakewheel used on modern cars is available also. It can be used to upgrade nearly any modern car. Available in a package of 7, item #990807.


From the Twinstack, these etched metal walkways can dress up the older Intermodel and Walthers Thrall cars and the MDC and ConCor Gunderson cars. These walkways have an extra fine hole pattern. They feature integrated handgrabs and standards to replace the easily broken plastic ones. They are available in packages of 2. Item #990912.

Container Glue. Add some to the floor, 2 small pieces near the ends work well. Some people prefer to make a small "snake" or roll of container glue and place it inn the center of the container. Be sure you use enough to catch the ribs in the floor which ever way you choose. Item #990101.

Container WeightsContainer Weights - They are currently made from non-magnetic, rust resistant metal. Since the prototype cars are so lightweight and spindly, some of the models weigh very little. In the prototype, they have the same tracking problem as in models - light car up front, stringlining out back - a real risk on any railroad. In the Norfolk Southern operating manual, it specifies that empty well cars are only to be spotted at the end of the train. In models, the same precaution is issued. Note that our Maxi-Stacks have metal wells and do need any additional weight to track well. (An older version of these weights were steel parts, flash chromed so they wouldn't rust.)

For the times that you are running loaded, and tracking needs to be assured, these weights are just the right size for containers from DeLuxe, MTL, ConCor, Roco, Walthers and Fleischmann. They are recommended for the bottom well of Twinstacks from DeLuxe, Husky Stacks from Athearn/MDC, and the All Purpose Husky Stack from Con-Cor. The Lo-Pac 2000 (DeLuxe) and Walthers well cars (single and 5-unit) have metal wells but track better with extra weight. The weights come in sets of 2 or 5. 2-pack item #990202, 5-pack item #990205.

Porta Potties - Anywhere people work outdoors, you're likely to see these facilities of convenience, and your N scale people should not be an exception. Molded by those masters of resin at Fine N-Scale Products, these portable johns are already an appropriate shade of blue. You need only paint the roof white to replicate the translucent plastic sheet roof required for privacy and illumination. Available in a pack of 2, item#990302. If you are modeling a concert or stadium scene, contact us for bulk quantities.

Turbines - Rooftop turbines are a feature of most structures, from sheds to homes to the largest of factory buildings. Unfortunately, they are often overlooked when building models. Cut these turbines from their sprues and glue (CA, preferably) to your roofs. If you prefer, paint them bright silver for that freshly galvanized look. Available in a set of four. Item #990304.

Lumber Stacks - They're not just for lumber yards or construction sites. Heavy cardboard may be the standard today but not that long ago, appliances, moderate and large machinery and other items shipped in boxcars and gondolas were packaged in wooden crates. Piles of lumber and hardware were common at nearly all manufacturing facilities of any size.

Clear Beacons

991102 Rotary Beacons - Clear (2)
991202 Rotary Beacons - Amber (2)
These injection molded plastic beacons are made from the same material as the prototype beacons. They are about 1/16" across (lens) and sit a little less than 3/32" off the surface they are mounted to. To mount the beacons, paint the base silver then trim the sprue off the bottom. Next glue the beacon to the roof of your locomotive cab. Amber Beacons Most are mounted along the center line, slightly toward the front of the cab roof. Check prototype photos for reference. Another tip is to drill a hole in a scrap of wood just a bit larger than the beacon and place the beacon in the hole to mask it off while you paint the base. You can also use brush on masking material.

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