If one models intermodal, the minute you get away from the track, you need chassis. The cranes must put those boxes somewhere when they come off the trains! The chassis that we offer is very representative of NOKL 431025, as that is the prototype that was measured for this tool! It is an "East Coast" style chassis, which doesn't mean that it runs on the east coast, just that that's where the chassis style started. The injection body captures the look of these skeletons nicely, and can be used with or without a container mounted. The kit is very easy to construct, and decals are readily available. The chassis comes in six colors to represent most of the major owners in the market

Black----- NYK and Stevedoring Services of America are the two companies we have seen in Black

Yellow----- Great for OOCL and Dole Company chassis.

Blue----- Maersk has a LOT of these guys, as does Hanjin and Cho Yang.

Green----- Evergreen, Capital and Japan Lines have inventoried green chassis

Red----- The most popular color, it seems. Genstar, NYK, OOCL, IEA, SSA, and many others use this one.

Grey----- NOKL. There are several trucking companies using grey, but it is also a great way to get the other colors that are out there, like the gorgeous maroon ones from the Union Pacific.

These are by NO MEANS the only colors available, nor are these owners the only ones with these colors, nor do these owners only own these colors, BUT this is a good starting place.

Have fun building the container chassis. It's an easy kit, and can lead to lots of neat scenery. Each package contains two injection molded styrene chassis kits. The tires, bumper, mud flaps, and landing gear are black; and the frames are available in six colors.

Black 40 Foot Container Chassis 2 Packs: $7.95
Blue 40 Foot Container Chassis 2 Packs: $7.95
Red 40 Foot Container Chassis 2 Packs: $7.95
Yellow 40 Foot Container Chassis 2 Packs: $7.95
Green 40 Foot Container Chassis 2 Packs: $7.95
Gray 40 Foot Container Chassis 2 Packs: $7.95
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