We often get asked for parts of our cars as separate items. We are happy to make those available. In fact, if there is anything that we have that you need as a part, drop us a post, and we will do our best to hook you up.

Boxcar Frame The full dimensional underframe from the deLuxe innovations 1944 AAR boxcar is just the thing for those building projects. Full brake gear, crossmembers and framerails are all represented in this piece. Available in a package of 2. Order No. D401, $2.95 per package

Boxcar Doors

These doors are thin, accurately proportioned, and available to upgrade other cars! They are styled after the late Youngstown doors, and are equipped with all of the proper hardware. The back of the door features the mounting studs to make them fit the deLuxe Lightblok door system, but they can easily be popped off to work in other applications. Available in a package of 4. Order No. D402, $3.45 per package

Modern Brakewheels The plastic Universal style brakewheel used on modern cars is available also. This versatile delrin molded wheel will hold up to handling abuse, and look good at the same time. It can be used to upgrade nearly any modern car. Available as D405, a package of 8 for $3.95

Air Tank and Triple Valve

Designed as a part of the TwinStack, this combo valve is ready to go to work on pretty much any modern freight car. Covered or open hoppers, well cars, and some boxcars use this same design. Available in packages of 3. Order Part No. D406, $2.95 per package


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