Roll off containers are becoming the national rage! When you need extra space, call American Mini Store. A quick build for all of your storage needs.

Construction folks used to have to bring trailers for storage. Now they roll up, and dump a nice lock-able shed right on the property. Comes with a container for the electrical contractor, too!

The prototype for this facility is In Van Nuys, CA, but similar facilities are nationwide. The dumpsters are color coded for the type of material they store.

When we first spotted this CSX prototype, we thought that was it. Since then, modelers have sent us prototype photos from Southern Pacific to Maine Central!

Self storage one of America's fastest growing businesses. This small facility can grow with your layout, or stay just this size. Complete with Office and sign post for a complete business in a small footprint

This retired box car has been removed from the rails and its trucks to serve as a welding shop.

Sanding Facilities
This is a joint venture between deLuxe and The N Scale Architect. This easy to build scene consists of a cast metal sanding tower, pump house (a lazer cut wood kit), plumbing, and a specially printed Maintenance of Way engine sand service covered hopper in one of 4 different road names.