The loads we use for the deLuxe innovations chip car series are made for us by Fine N Scale products. These loads fit all of the deLuxe woodchip cars. Dick makes them for us in gang molds so there are 6 different masters. If you swap them end for end, they look like twelve distinct loads. Available in 6 packs.

Shown here is the deep rib car with the "empty" cross bars installed. If you are running the car empty, go to the garage and shave off a little bit of sawdust. Sprinkle it on the bottom of the car and you are ready to roll!. These bars are included with every deep rip car. (Look under the foam in the box).

Mounting the loads in the car is pretty easy. We make the cars with a standoff in the corner when the detail allows, or with a separate end, providing a full mounting shelf.

The chip loads work great as is for white pine. If the area you are modeling is filled with other kinds of trees, it is REALLY easy to color up the loads for other woods. Mixing instructions are on the package for a simple wash that colors them quickly and easily in Fir, Redwood, Dark Pine, and others.

Shown here are two loads. The lighter one is the load as it comes from the package. This makes a good representation of white pine. The darker one os with a light wash as described in the instructiions to represent redwood. The wash took approximately 30 seconds to apply. It is gratifying to design your trains to run a specific route with all of the "right" commodities onboard. This kind of quick detail makes all the difference!

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