The most asked question: How many cars must I do?
Our absolute minimum run is 200 pieces which can be split between 2 road numbers. The only way around this minimum is to "piggyback" a car on one of our production runs. That means it must be identical to the production cars except with a different road number and/or reporting marks. We might be able to add a special logo too.
The second most common question: How much will a Special Run cost?
That one must be answered on a case by case basis, there are a lot of variables.
If these 2 questions aren't a problem and you'd like to get in on the action and the fun of Special Run, here's how:

Step One: Come up with a good idea. Really. This seems obvious, but it isn't always. Special Runs are designed to help clubs, stores, groups, conventions, or individuals to make money. That said, they depend on a couple of things in order for all parties to be happy. You, because you sold them all as soon as they arrived. Us, because you are going to do it again. Your customer because they have a unique car that means something. Therefore, come up with something that is appropriate to what you are doing. Having a convention? A prototype car that is unique to the area, or a fictitious but plausible protofake always gives a commemorative value to the car. Doing a Club car? Nice artwork of your club railroad is always a good idea. Also your club logo presented nicely with prototype data works pretty well. Offering an individual car for sale to help pay for your railroad? Do something that would look nice in a train. A real or simulated industry, a real or simulated railroad, or an online customer are all good ideas. The overall concept is: come up with something that people would want to buy. The rest is pretty easy.

Step Two: The artwork. The first stage is to request a template from us. We will send you templates for the following products: 40' boxcar, twin tub gondola, all four styles of woodchip car, any style of container, RoadRailer trailers and the 2 bay hopper. The articulated cars are not available for special run without a serious discussion, so we didn't prepare a template. The artwork is sketched for quotation. ANYBODY can do this, it isn't hard. Once you have a sketch, send it to DeLuxe. Dave will go over the art and decide if what you proposed is produce-able, then contact you about it. You'll approve the quote, and work will begin.

Step Three: Send in 50% of the money. Why do we do this? In order for us to produce your special run, we have to buy a lot of stuff (boxes, trucks, plastic) and develop the artwork and production plan. If you have a change of heart halfway through, we have covered our expenses to date.

Step Four: You approve the final artwork. Whether you do it, or we do it, the art for the car is produced, and final decoration begins. At this point, the cars have been in the "production process" for a while with plastic ready to paint and print. When the artwork receives final approval, the project gets placed in the print queue.

Step Five: A test sample of the car is printed. We make sure it's going to look right before the entire run is produced. After it meets approval, your car is decorated. You can check on your baby, but it won't hurry the process along any, a quality product takes time to produce. As the cars leave final assembly, they are inspected, evaluated, and packed with the special label and box prepared just for your run.

Step Six: We give you the cars, and we get the other 50% of the money. Each contract varies as to terms, and repeat customers build a relationship, but it is one variation or another of this for every special run. That's all there is to it! If you've chosen wisely, you will sell out quickly, and be jumping up and down to do it again. We will help your sales effort by posting the availability here on our website, and by submitting your release to the N Scale Collector.

What can we make for you?